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 Golden-OSD 2.60                      15.02.2013

 Golden-OSD 2.59

645 Kb  Golden-OSD for ALT-DVB

Golden-Teletext 1.48                03.08.2013

Golden-Teletext 1.46                15.03.2013

 Golden-Teletext 1.30

324.7 Kb 

 This is MD-API, DVBCore and DVBViewer plugin to show teletext and teletext subtitles with DVB applications.
It supports level 1 and 1.5. level 1 (G0 Primary Sets and Latin National
Option Sub-sets), Level 1.5 (G2 Supplementary Sets). Unicode is supported,
including continues characters (Arabic for example) for both of win9x and wint.
Save all teletext pages in memory for fast navigation.Can translate teletext subtitles via Google.

Can save current page as bmp and or Unicode text. Can use any font as long as it supports the
desired language(Unicode) and or teletext fonts. Can set time via teletext.

 Arabic EPG 1.23 254.0 Kb

Arabic EPG for MyTheatre 

This plugin can be used to show current/next EPG events.
It can be used to take a snapshot using a hot key.

 Prog Transponders Updater ver 2.22 15.04.2010


Prog Transponders Updated ver 2.10

355 Kb 

 - This plugin is for md applications.
- It is free for all.
- It can be used to update Transponders files for about 57 satellites from web (
- You can Update one sat by network search,

- It is very useful for ProgDVB

 DVB2BCH 1.00275.0 KbIt is a channel list converter for ALT-DVB.
It can be used to convert a file of a DVB format to bch format for one sat at once.
 Md Sound Recorder 1.001.4 Mb - This plugin can be used with any application that support MDAPI ,
   Like progdvb, altdvb, dvbdream and  WatchTVProEx .
   It can be used to record active sound with high quality and small file size,
   Form many sources to many formats of sound.
   Like MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF and FLAC.
   Each of which is with many sample rats.

Golden-EPG 1.30                     15.10.2010

Golden-EPG 1.23

Golden-EPG 1.13                     

 347 KB

 This is MD-API and DVBCore plugin.

-It can be used to show full EPG list for channel tree.

-Unicode is supported.

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